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Student Cards Salute Vets

Thank you to all of the students who made cards for our veterans. In your cards, you called the veterans your heroes. You are absolutely correct! Robbins Lane was able to share 300 cards with the men and women who are actively serving, or have previously served, in our armed forces. When I handed them your cards (during the annual Veteran’s Day parade) the look of gratitude and pride on their faces was absolutely heartwarming. Don’t forget to reach out to veterans throughout the year, sending them cards, letters, and gifts from the heart. I can deliver them! Your love and support means more to them than you may ever know.


Dr. da Silva

Robbins Lane Raises for Relief

Robbins Lane Raises for Relief
Upon returning to school in September, Robbins Lane Elementary School Student Council representatives from the 2016-17 school year got right down to business to help those who were hit hard by Hurricanes Harvey in Houston and Irma in Florida. The group immediately began fundraising for the American Red Cross and is proud to announce that they raised over $2,000 for these hurricane relief efforts. 

Thank you to the Robbins Lane community for demonstrating enormous generosity! The school looks forward to supporting our neighbors in Puerto Rico in the very near future.  

Robbins Lane enrichment teacher Robin Kleinman (pictured left) and members of the Robbins Lane Student Council award a big check to Senior Philanthropy Officer, American Red Cross, LI chapter Dawn Neilson.

Second-Graders Stand Tall at Rec Night

The Robbins Lane PTA recently hosted its second-grade Rec Night.

Students participated in various relay races and activities, including basketball, hockey, “giant egg” (i.e., soccer ball) in a giant spoon (i.e., lacrosse stick), and go-cart races, to name a few.  The highlight of the evening was the all-important tug-of-war with the children battling against their parents. This year's second-grade class walked away with bragging rights, easily defeating their parents. Two fathers co-chaired the event with the help of parent volunteers. It was a huge success and an overall great start to the school year!

Throughout the school year, the Robbins Lane PTA hosts a Rec Night for each grade in which children from a dedicated grade are invited to the gym for an evening of physical activity and family fun.

Thursday, November 23, 2017