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Board of Education Gets First Hand Look at the Impressive Work of Syosset Students


Board of Education members got to experience the breadth of programs and exciting work being done by Syosset students first hand as they toured the schools on May 9th. The District’s focus on educating the whole child with a well-rounded foundation was apparent, as well as the commitment to expand coding and technology related opportunities.

The secondary schools showcased the diversity of programs offered and the global perception of the students. The day started off with a sampling of “South Woods as One”, an interactive, living museum created by the middle school students to address human rights, acceptance and cultural awareness. Later at H.B. Thompson, Board members got to listen in on eighth grade students engaged in a Socratic Seminar on Appeasement during World War II. And at Syosset High School, Board members were treated to a performance by the Lincoln Center Chamber of Music Competition winners, after which they heard from the DECA students about their very successful appearance at the State Career Conference.

Coding and cross-cutting concepts were a focus in the elementary schools. Berry Hill fifth grade students showed off their Hatch skills to create 3D replicas of structures from ancient civilizations; kindergarten students from Walt Whitman educated the group on how to program Beebots; first and fifth graders at Robbins Lane presented Google websites they collaborated to build; and fifth grade students at Village showed off their work with their Chromebooks and in robotics. Emerging scientists at South Grove demonstrated how technology infuses with the Next Generation Science standards, as the kindergarten students used technology to help research the five senses of the human body. The benefits of reading aloud and shared reading and writing were on display as second grade students at Baylis engaged in a lively conversation circle in the newly remodeled Library Media Center. Board members had a look at an innovative classroom design at A.P. Willits, where fourth grade students where engaged in the engineering process while they explored earth systems, including the impact of earthquakes and volcanos.

Throughout the day, the Board members were continually impressed by the amazing Syosset students, who were so happy to engage with them and proud to show off their hard work. We would like to thank the Board members for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit all our buildings, and the principals and staff for an exciting, expository day.

Syosset Forensics Named Champion of NYS Tournament


Syosset Forensics competed at the New York State Grand Championship Tournament at Hofstra University. Across all events, Syosset had over 30 competitors break past preliminary rounds. Contestants who placed in the Top 6 of their events included: Ronit Dhulia, Diya Chadha, Malini Rudra, Asher Gladstone, Rebecca Weisberger, Jack Liu, Sohail Mohammed, Sahil Rustami, Nishant Bhaumik, and Ryan Moon. In addition, Saba Merzhad and Iree Mann won the state titles in their respective events of Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate and Dramatic Interpretation. As a team, Syosset won numerous sweepstakes awards, placing 2nd overall in Public Forum debate, 1st in Student Congress, 3rd in Speech, and 2nd in Lincoln Douglas debate. When all was said and done, Syosset was named champion of the tournament. Congratulations to the entire team!


Save the Date for BRAVESFEST! June 2, 2018


Announcing G.I.R.L. Talk: Women in Leadership Speaker Series


Senior Citizens Enjoy Prom, Mardi Gras Style

Senior Citizens Enjoy Prom, Mardi Gras Style photo

Syosset High School’s Future Leaders of America Club hosted its popular Senior Citizen Prom in the school’s main gymnasium, welcoming approximately 150 guests from the Woodbury-Syosset community, including more than 50 residents from the Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Syosset High School’s jazz band and the girls a cappella group The Adelettes provided live entertainment, with swing, line and other styles of dance taking place throughout the day. Students served their guests lunch and dessert. This year’s theme was “Mardi Gras,” with guests and student servers adorning beads as if they were gracing the streets of New Orleans’s famed French Quarter.

Joanne Leonardi and Susan Occhiuto are Syosset High School’s FLAC co-advisers.

Syosset Artistic Olympians Take Multiple Awards

Syosset Artistic Olympians Take Multiple Awards photo

Two first- and third-place awards and a perfect score

Syosset High School students excelled at this year’s Olympics of the Visual Arts Competition held in Saratoga Springs, New York. 

Overall, 41 students participated as two groups won first place in their respective category, while two other groups took third-place honors.  

Syosset teams won first-place awards in the Architecture and Typography categories and third place in Drawing and Illustration. Additionally, the Architecture team received a perfect score on its project! Here are the descriptions of each award-winning project:

ArchitectureFirst Place (perfect score)
Rea Chen, Sophia Cheng, Brenda Chou, Kaitlyn Hom, Kelvin Hu, Allison Liu
Long-Term Project: Design and build a scale model of an outdoor human labyrinth to be built in a parklike setting suitable for four seasons in the Northeast. Their labyrinth concept was a metaphor for human life. The structure is made from plexiglass, foam core, wood, moss and stained glass and is shaped like a human heart, which is divided into eight levels representing stages in life that get more complicated as they work their way up. 

TypographyFirst Place
Abraham Huang, Helen Lin, Paul Martin 
Long-Term Project: Design a new letter to be added to the English alphabet, including the phonetic sound, place in the alphabet and use in a word. The group created a letter based on a power symbol with the sound of Ohm. Students created a 3D rendition that symbolized the power in nature with each section representing a different biome on earth.

DrawingThird Place
Melinda Blumenstock, Michelle Liu, Rika Mizoguchi, Ryun Shim, Helen Zhang, Liana Zhang 
Long-Term Project: Erasure as a medium. Create an original drawing using materials and techniques of reductive drawing. Students created a scroll drawing depicting the life of Egyptian queen Hatshepsut, who rose to become pharaoh but then was erased from history.

IllustrationThird Place
Wilson Chow, Songyee Kim, Zahrah Nasim, Esha Sharma, Lynnie Yang, Zarin Zaman  
Long-Term Project: Illustrate an idiom. Create an original illustration that best interprets your choice of an idiom. Students created a five-panel painting depicting, “She carries the weight of the world.”

Sponsored by the New York State Art Teacher’s Association, the Olympics of the Visual Arts program provides an opportunity for middle and high school students to participate in individual or group artistic problem-solving. Students create long-range solutions at their schools, and travel to the Albany area to compete on short-range problems in a daylong celebration of creativity. Awards are presented for different categories at every level.

This year’s event was held on April 25. This is only the second year Syosset has competed in this statewide competition.

Kudos to Chrysoula Highland who worked tirelessly to help students prepare for this event. 

Lead Sports Anchor Bruce Beck visits Syosset High School students

The legendary lead sports anchor for NBC4, Bruce Beck, spoke with Syosset High School students about a career in broadcasting as part of the SYOTalks Career Speaker Series. Bruce has over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and has won eight NY State Emmy Awards. During his visit, Bruce had students out of their seats role playing an evening broadcast and shared his four secrets to success, including being prepared, asking differentiating questions, building relationships and the importance of being a good listener. The students were very engaged and appreciative of the time Bruce spent with them, and the impression he made is sure to have a lasting effect. 

Summer School Brochure is Now Available


Final 2018-19 Election Results

On the morning of May 16, 2018, in accordance with school district election procedures, the District Clerk and school attorney reviewed affidavit ballots with the County Board of Elections. Of the 7 such ballots, 6 were declared invalid and 1 was declared valid and recorded. The process was observed by several candidates for the Board of Education.

The final tally is as follows:

Proposition 1 – Yes 1,642 – No 592

Proposition 2 – Yes 1,714 – No 495

Proposition 3 – Yes 1,654 – No 540

Candidates for School Board (by ballot position)

1. Mr. Weiner – 845

2. Mr. Feldman – 1,164

3. Ms. Levitt – 935

4. Mr. Ulrich – 1,036

5. Dr. Syed – 1,031

6. Mr. DiFilippo – 1,042

Accordingly, Mr. Feldman and Mr. DiFilippo have been re-elected. Mr. Ulrich has secured the remaining Board of Education seat. As that seat is currently vacant due to resignation, state law provides that the newly elected Board member assumes the seat immediately and serves out the balance of the unexpired term in addition to the full 3-year term that begins on July 1.

On the evening of May 15, 2018, an affidavit ballot was prematurely opened and thus incorrectly tallied. The ballot was one of the 6 declared invalid this morning. The vote total was corrected accordingly, resulting in one less vote for Ms. Levitt.

38 Medals for Syosset at the Long Island Math Fair

38 Medals for Syosset at the Long Island Math Fair photo
Syosset High School winners: Front row, left to right: Giselle Rasquinha (gold medalist), Yan Luo (gold medalist), Sophia Jang (gold medalist), Allison L Hsu (gold medalist), Arushi Mittal (gold medalist), Jennie Dapice (bronze medalist), Lingfei Zhao (silver medalist). Back row, left to right: Michael Chu (gold medalist): Joshua Elenowitz (gold medalist), Nicholas T Mastandrea (gold medalist), Suhail Younus (gold medalist), Kai Wang (bronze medalist), Kevin Y Li (gold medalist), Azim Gangat (silver medalist), Thomas Lam (silver medalist), Coordinator of Math John Genova and adviser John Chae. Not pictured: Jahnavi Arora (gold medalist), Ryan Lefkowitz (gold medalist), Jeremy Weiss (gold medalist)
38 Medals for Syosset at the Long Island Math Fair photo 2
South Woods Middle School winners: Left to right: Anthony Park (bronze medalist), Ashley Jung (bronze medalist), Michele Shleimovich (bronze medalist), Alex Wang (silver medalist), Siddarth Desai (bronze medalist), Ashok Mutyala (silver medalist), Aarian Mepani (silver medalist), Tiffany Qian (silver medalist), Rachel Lin (silver medalist), Sabrina Guo (silver medalist), Willow Dunn (bronze medalist), Kyle Dapice (gold medalist), Shivane Dadi (gold medalist) and Ketan Raghu (bronze medalist).
38 Medals for Syosset at the Long Island Math Fair photo 3
H.B. Thompson Middle School winners: Adviser Paul McNamara, Sophia Chaudri (gold medalist), Anoushka Rishi (gold medalist), Ria Mehta (silver medalist), Aryan Jain (gold medalist), Emily Su (silver medalist), Griffin Hon (gold medalist) and adviser Jen Giamundo.
Bringing home a total of 38 medals, the Syosset Central School District had a very impressive showing at the 2018 Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair held at Hofstra University in April. Students competed against schools from all across Nassau County. The students selected a mathematical topic, thoroughly researched the topic, prepared a written report, which included their own ideas and creative input, and then presented their work to a panel of judges. 

Eighteen Syosset student won medals in the high school competition and 20 Syosset students won medals in the middle school competition. The Syosset Central School District congratulates all the participants in this year’s Long Island Math Fair!

Two of LI’s Best Young Artists

Two of LI’s Best Young Artists photo
Two Syosset High School student-artists recently had their work selected for the 2018 Long Island’s Best: Young Artists at The Heckscher Museum exhibit in Huntington. Congratulations to Cailin Ferrari and Brett Kaplan, whose work was on display at the museum during the month of April. Their works were among 80 selected to appear in the annual exhibit, which accepted 385 entries submitted from 62 schools throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties this year. 

Additionally, Brett’s artwork was among 21 of the 80 Long Island’s Best works to appear alongside Mitchells luxury brand’s spring collection in its Huntington Village store. Cailin (left) and Brett are seen here displaying some of their artwork.

Village Alumni Return to Share Their Love of Literacy and Lessons on Life

Village Alumni Return to Share Their Love of Literacy and Lessons on Life photo
Village Alumni Return to Share Their Love of Literacy and Lessons on Life photo 2
Village Alumni Return to Share Their Love of Literacy and Lessons on Life photo 3
Village Alumni Return to Share Their Love of Literacy and Lessons on Life photo 4
As part of the annual PARP program at Village Elementary School, Village alumni who are current students at Syosset High School returned to their old elementary school to read to students. 

“It is always a highly anticipated activity as both staff and alumni love being reunited,” said Village Principal Jeffrey Kasper. “The Village staff is always amazed at how their former students have grown into such impressive young adults. The alumni love to see their former teachers and the collection of photographs shared from their time here. The seniors also enjoy talking about their college acceptances and future plans and take real pleasure in reading to the current Village children, who love to ask about their experiences at Village back in the day.”

This year’s event was made all the more special thanks to the Village PTA, which provided breakfast for the staff and the nearly 40 high schoolers who came back to enjoy some time with their former teachers and future high school students. The connection these former students still have to their elementary school and the staff here is wonderful to witness and as one current fifth-grader remarked, “I can’t wait until I’m in high school and can come back to read like my brother did.” 

Special thanks to the Village PTA, Village library media specialist Trish Sergi and Syosset High School’s Castle coordinator Tom Rooney for organizing the PARP experience. 

Senior Monet Yuan Presents Research at Partners for the Future Program


Syosset High School student Monet Yuan presented her research, Testing Synthetic Lethality of the PIM1 and PIM2 Genes, at the closing symposium of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Partners for the Future Program in April. This prestigious program provides an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in biomedical research, experiencing day-to-day life in a working lab while learning about molecular biology and state-of-the-art research techniques. This was a culmination of work that began at the Sheltzer Laboratory in the summer of 2017, and continued throughout the school year during which Monet was recognized as a Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar in January, 2017. Monet will continue to conduct research this spring and summer at the Sheltzer Laboratory under the direction of her mentor, Dr. Jason Sheltzer, and will be attending Johns Hopkins University this fall.

Monet Yuan is congratulated by her mentor, Dr. Jason Sheltzer (right) and Syosset High School Research Facilitator Veronica Ade. 



Young Writer a National Gold Medalist

Young Writer a National Gold Medalist photo
Congratulations to Syosset High School junior Caroline Lee for winning a gold medal in the flash fiction category of the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards national competition, sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Caroline has been recognized for her original short story, “The Perfect Shot.”

National medalists in the competition represent less than 1 percent of the 350,000 submissions for the Scholastic awards received this year. Since 1923, the competition has honored celebrated authors and artists, including Truman Capote, Lea Dunham, Robert Redford and Andy Warhol. 

Caroline, who said she discovered the bug for writing in the fifth grade, enjoys incorporating fantasy into her writing and is working on a collection of short stories, which she hopes to publish next year. 

Top award winners in the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition and their teachers are invited to attend a national awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall on June 7, as well as participate in other showcase events. Caroline’s work and other gold-medal-winning entries will be featured in the national exhibition at Parsons School of Design at The New School and Pratt’s Institute’s Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York City June 1-10.

Caroline is congratulated here by her Honors English teacher Andrea Stolzenberg (left) and Syosset Coordinator for English Language Arts Amanda Barney.

Impressive Showing by the Syosset High School Mock Trial Team


The Syosset High School Mock Trial team advanced through 6 rounds of the 2018 New York State Mock Trial Tournament to compete in the Nassau County Finals held on April 30th. Of the 48 schools competing, the Syosset team was one of only 2 teams to advance to the final round. The team will be honored by the Nassau County Bar Association on May 10th for their impressive showing at this event.

Thousands of students participate annually in the New York State Mock Trial Tournament, which is co-sponsored by The New York Bar Association, and provides students with first-hand knowledge of civil/criminal law and courtroom procedures. The Syosset Mock Trial team has advanced to the quarterfinals in this tournament for the past 4 years.

Pictured is the Mock Trial team with the Honorable Leonard B. Austin. Shown from left to right: Chloe Van Dorn, Emma Van Dorn, Diana Liu, Samantha Mercurio, Jeffrey Bolnick, Jules Feingold, Christopher Saunders, Noah Feder, Nicole Greenberg, Lisa Fallah, Esq., and advisor Jennifer Lamond. Missing from the photo is Lara Weinberg.  

Village Alumni Return to Share Their Love of Literacy and Lessons on Life

As part of the annual PARP program at Village Elementary School, Village alumni who are current students at Syosset High School returned to their old elementary school to read to students.

“It is always a highly anticipated activity as both staff and alumni love being reunited,” said Village Principal Jeffrey Kasper. “The Village staff is always amazed at how their former students have grown into such impressive young adults. The alumni love to see their former teachers and the collection of photographs shared from their time here. The seniors also enjoy talking about their college acceptances and future plans and take real pleasure in reading to the current Village children, who love to ask about their experiences at Village back in the day.”

This year’s event was made all the more special thanks to the Village PTA, which provided breakfast for the staff and the nearly 40 high schoolers who came back to enjoy some time with their former teachers and future high school students. The connection these former students still have to their elementary school and the staff here is wonderful to witness and as one current fifth-grader remarked, “I can’t wait until I’m in high school and can come back to read like my brother did.” 

Special thanks to the Village PTA, Village library media specialist Trish Sergi and Syosset High School’s Castle coordinator Tom Rooney for organizing the PARP experience. 


District Report Card Now Available

District Report Card with Proposed Budget for 2018/2019 has been posted and can be found via Board of Education under Budget Information

Running Braves Form a Special Partnership


Members of the Syosset Running Braves, the boy’s track team, have been volunteering their time to help train Special Olympic athletes ranging in age from 5 to 14. The boys have been working with the athletes not only on running skills, but also on basketball skills, including dribbling, passing and shooting, as well as interpersonal skills. According to Rich Cafiero, the Running Braves Coach, “Our athletes are making friends and meeting new people” and they are enjoying the enthusiasm they are greeted with. The special bond formed by the two groups of athletes is sure to have a lasting effect.

Long Island Math Fair

Long Island Math Fair photo
H.B. Thompson's Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair medal winners are congratulated here by advisers Paul McNamara and Jen Giamundo. From left, McNamara, students Sophia Chaudri, Anoushka Rishi, Ria Mehta, Aryan Jain, Emily Su, Griffin Hon and Giamundo.

Perfect Score for Wanlin Li at the European Girl’s Mathematical Olympiad!

Perfect Score for Wanlin Li at the European Girl’s Mathematical Olympiad photo
Syosset High School Senior Wanlin Li received an individual gold medal for her perfect score at the European Girl’s Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO). Wanlin was a member of the U.S. team participating in the international competition that took place in Florence, Italy in April. The U.S. team placed second among teams from 52 countries. This is the second time Wanlin was awarded an individual gold medal as well as team honors in this prestigious competition. In 2017, she represented the U.S. as part of a four-member team that won first place, each receiving individual gold medals, in the competition held in in Switzerland.

Wanlin was recently praised by the College Board for her superior score of 5 on last May’s AP Computer Science A Exam, receiving the maximum score on every portion of the exam. She was one of only 112 students worldwide to achieve this score. 

Wanlin is shown here with Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Thomas Rogers, her AP Computer Science teacher Christine Owens, Syosset Math Coordinator John Genova and Syosset High School Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante. 

South Woods Scores Ninth Place in the New York State Science Olympiad

South Woods Scores Ninth Place in the New York State Science Olympiad photo
South Woods Middle School took ninth place out of 40 teams in the New York State Science Olympiad competition held at Minoa High School in East Syracuse April 13-14. It was an amazing competition with South Woods winning 16 medals! 

Team members were Edward Duan, Eric Huang, Ashley Jung, Michael Lan, Kyle Cheng, Aaron Chuang, Siddharth Desai, Evelyn Feusi, Elena Hong, David Liu, Andor Szekeres, Alex Wang, Zach Yasinov, Wesley Zhou and Andrew Zhou. 

Edward Duan and Evelyn Feusi won first place in the “Write It, Do It” category. Zach Yasinov and Andor Szekeres won first place in the “Solar System” category. Eric Huang and David Liu won seventh place for “Fast Facts.” Aaron Chuang and David Liu won eighth place for “Optics” and they also won ninth place for “Meteorology.” Eric Huang won ninth place with Aaron Chuang for “Hovercraft.” Edward Duan and Eric Huang won ninth place for “Roller Coaster.” Elena Hong and Michael Lan won 10th place in “Thermodynamics.” 

Coach Linda Stollow is extremely proud of the hard work and determination demonstrated by these dedicated students.


Autism Speaks at Baylis!

Baylis has been lighting it up Blue for World Autism Awareness Month.  In addition to wearing blue on April 16th, students and teachers have been purchasing puzzle pieces for $1 to benefit the group, Autism Speaks-Long Island.  We have raised almost $300.  Way to go Baylis!


Learning Empathy through History

Learning Empathy through History photo
Learning Empathy through History photo 2
Learning Empathy through History photo 3
Music students at Robbins Lane Elementary School have been studying the music of the Civil Rights Movement to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

One of the most memorable songs they learned was “We Shall Overcome,” a gospel song that evolved into a prominent anthem for the movement. Students studied the lyrics using a Smithsonian historical recording from 1964. Each student wrote a special verse of their own for the song, including Jeremy Schlenoff, whose personal lyric read, “We shall all have joy!” Students shared and performed their composition with their classmates.

Students also read the Caldecott-winning “Martin’s Big Words,” a stirring picture book that teaches empathy and the power of being an upstander. As a follow-up exercise, they shared 10 ways to be an upstander and learned how to “keep their empathy radars up” by sitting with new friends at lunch, celebrating ways in which each person is unique, and using kind, positive words. 

Additional audio recordings, books and poems, as well as excerpts from Dr. King’s speeches, were also used as resources for these activities, which were led by Robbins Lane music teacher Dr. Catherine da Silva.

Syosset High School Hosts Author Marc Aronson

Syosset High School Hosts Author Marc Aronson photo
Syosset High School Hosts Author Marc Aronson photo 2
On April 12th, Syosset High School hosted author, professor and historian Dr. Marc Aronson. After reading his book Witch-Hunt: Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials, ninth grade students gathered for a culminating event and an interactive discussion of the Puritan Society, witch hunts, and the societal effects of silencing and ostracizing minority community members. A kickoff assembly featured the chorale students singing an adaptation of Where Is The Love?, a song by the Black Eyed Peas, accompanied by an interpretive dance performance and sign language students signing the lyrics. In breakout sessions proceeding the assembly, Dr. Aronson demonstrated the contemporary relevance of the witch trials that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, and emphasized the importance of speaking up for what is right. He also discussed how young citizens can have a big impact on society, and the importance of taking an active role and voicing opinions in governmental affairs. The events were coordinated by Sarah Wasser, Library Media Specialist. 
Dr. Marc Aronson holds a Ph.D. in American History from New York University and is the recipient of numerous awards including the LMP award for editing, the ALAN award for outstanding contributions to the field of adolescent literature, and the Robert F. Sibert Medal for nonfiction. He believes that young people are smart, passionate and capable and his mission is to inspire them to engage with new and challenging ideas. 

Dr. Aronson is pictured here signing copies of his book for Syosset High School students following an interactive discussion.

Syosset High School Honors Autism Acceptance Month

Syosset High School Honors Autism Acceptance Month photo
Once again, Syosset High School is honoring National Autism Acceptance Month. Members of Student Government, along with student and staff members, decorated the main hallway of the high school with red streamers, balloons, puzzle pieces and banners. Every morning for the week of April 9th, a fact about autism spectrum disorders was read during the morning announcements, including the mention of famous people living with autism. And on Friday, April 13th, students and staff wore red and were given stickers to wear that displayed the autism ribbon to show their support and commitment to promote awareness and acceptance of individuals on the spectrum. The color red was chosen as it is a symbol of love. 

Special thanks to (pictured left to right, along with students): Health/Wellness teacher Greg Cardona, Special Education teacher Sue Botta, Special Education teacher Gary Silverman, Aide Carolyn Sullivan, Aide Barbara Orvieto, Director of Pupil Personnel Services Mary-Lou Sapienza, Special Education teacher Dale Iovine, Aide Donna LaMonica and all the students who took part in the events throughout the week. 

Syosset High School Volunteer Day


Syosset High School’s Awareness Club hosted a Volunteer Day Fair on Friday, April 13th. Students had the opportunity to meet with community service organizations to explore ways to get involved and volunteer their time. Representatives from several organizations, including Girls on the Run, Nassau County Police Explorers, Syosset Fire Department, and Variety Child Learning Center were on hand to talk about their organizations and the positive impact student volunteers have.

Pictured are Syosset High School students discussing volunteer opportunities with community service organization representatives.

HBT Students Setting the Example

HBT Students Setting the Example photo
HBT Students Setting the Example photo 2
Forty-five members of Peers as Leaders and the Buddy Club at Harry B. Thompson Middle School are strengthening their reach as role models to make a greater impact on their school. The students underwent two days of in-school training by representatives of the Anti-Defamation League through the World of Difference program, to understand and address the challenges faced by students of all backgrounds. 

During the sessions, held in the middle school library, students conversed, role-played and participated in different exercises to gain a greater appreciation for diversity, while making new connections and identifying similarities in each other that may not have been obvious before. They are now using what they learned to embed acceptance into the culture of the school. This includes encouraging others to speak up and stand up to bullying behavior.

“I think this is truly unique and amazing that we are given the time to do this,” said eighth-grader Aanya Bedi, who is embracing her role as an ally to classmates in need of peer support. “I am having a great time learning about everyone. This is great training.”

Through Peers as Leaders and the Buddy Club, co-advised by Randi Bloom and Alison deLauzon, many of the students have already solidified their statures as ambassadors.  Members have assisted incoming fifth-graders and newly arriving sixth-graders, helped to promote and coordinate Red Ribbon Week activities and overall, have served as upstanding voices for the silent student minority who may feel alone or in need of friendly encouragement. The Anti-Defamation League training is also helping to reinforce the middle school’s designation as a No Place for Hate School, an annual honor awarded by the league that was bestowed upon the school last spring for its efforts to promote multiculturalism and thwart bullying, including cyberbullying.

The Anti-Defamation League will announce its No Place for Hate Schools for 2018 later this spring. Stay tuned!

Representatives of the Peers as Leaders and the Buddy Club are joined by their advisers Randi Bloom (middle row, second from left) and Alison deLauzon (back row, second from right) and Anti-Defamation League representatives Jane Pashman (middle row, far left) and Shanelle Henry (back row, far right) during their two-day World of Difference training. 


351 Inducted Into National Honor Society

351 Inducted Into National Honor Society photo
This year, Syosset High School’s National Honor Society inducted 351 new members into the Thalian Chapter during two special ceremonies held in the school’s Harvey P. Karp auditorium, which was filled with proud parents, faculty, school officials and scholars. 

NHS adviser Beth Waschitz welcomed the audience as Syosset High School Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante and NHS President Samantha Landsman each gave accounts about the dedication and hard work that goes into becoming a NHS member, as well as all of the wonderful efforts of NHS members over the years to make Syosset High School and the community a better place.

Executive Board members lit the ceremonial candles that represent the four key principles of NHS membership: character, scholarship, leadership and service. Then, one by one, the new inductees’ names were announced and each stepped up to the stage to receive their certificates prior to taking the NHS pledge. 

Special thanks to the Syosset High School chamber orchestra, led by Stephanie Merten, for providing the processional, interlude and recessional. Pictured are Syosset High School’s 2017-18 National Honor Society officers being congratulated by Dr. Durante (far left), Waschitz (second from right) and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom Rogers (far right).


Top Honors at Science and Engineering Fairs

Top Honors at Science and Engineering Fairs photo
Syosset High School students won 16 different awards between the recent Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and the New York State Science and Engineering Fair. Additionally, senior Radhika Patel has advanced to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh on May 17. 

Radhika won first place in the Biomedical and Health Science category at LISEF, qualifying her for entry into ISEF. Her research validated the use of the drug riluzole to treat hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, a disease that ruptures blood vessels in several major organs including the eyes, lungs, liver and brain, which results in internal bleeding, and often death.

"Radhika is a talented researcher who has a promising future career in STEM,” said Veronica Ade, the district’s research facilitator. “She demonstrates the characteristics of an excellent researcher; she is determined, passionate and curious. She worked hard to accomplish so much in her research, and I am so happy that she is being recognized for this.”

Ade also praised the work of other Syosset researchers, including the following NYSSEF award winners:
• Gayatri Sriram: –First Place, Materials Science
• Rahul Parthasarathy – Second Place, Physics and Astronomy
• Jeremy Weiss – Second Place, Robotics and Intelligent Machines
• Monet Yuan – Second Place, Cellular and Molecular Biology
• Lance Lampert – Third Place, Plant Sciences
• Julianna Bianco – Third Place, Biomedical and Health Sciences
• Justin Cohen – Third Place, Behavioral and Social Sciences
• Jarrad Li – Third Place, Energy: Chemical

The following students won awards at LISEF:

Grand Award winners:
• Radhika Patel – First Place, Biomedical and Health Sciences
• Monet Yuan – Second Place, Biomedical and Health Sciences
• Justin Cohen – Third Place, Behavioral and Social Sciences
• Jarrad Li – Third Place, Energy: Chemical
• Lance Lampert – Honorable Mention, Cellular and Molecular Biology
• Elizabeth Ruggiero – Honorable Mention, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Special award winners:
• Arushi Gahualt and Jennifer Lin – Association of Women Geoscientists 
• Jarrard Li – U.S. Metric Association

LISEF JV Awards:
• Aaron Lafazan – Second Place, Behavioral and Social Sciences
• Michael Bentivegna, Cooper Scher and Ariel Blumenberg – Third Place, Cell Biology
• Anthony LaBarca – Honorable Mention, Environmental Sciences 

Radhika is congratulated here by Ms. Ade and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom Rogers. The district wishes her well at ISEF and congratulates all of its talented award-winning researchers.


Syosset HS Student Wins Local Sonnet Competition

Syosset HS Student Wins Local Sonnet Competition photo
Congratulations to Syosset High School’s Allison Lin, who is the winner of the Long Island Theatre Collective’s Romeo and Juliet sonnet competition. Allison wrote a sonnet that was recited by cast members of the organization’s recent production of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” performed at the Cultural Playhouse in Syosset.

In addition to having her work recited on the big stage, Allison was presented with a prize by the Long Island Theatre Collective for her award-winning sonnet. The Collective is a theater company dedicated to providing professional, vibrant, evocative, challenging performances with the goal of advancing theater and enriching the local community.

Allison is congratulated here by two Syosset High School teachers who have influenced her writing: Jacqueline DeRosa (left) and Lydia Esslinger. 

Allison Lin’s award-winning Romeo and Juliet sonnet:
It should never have been, never have chanced,
But this forbidden love we were meant to bear,
We are outcasts but we are an outcast romance
They forced us to be separate, our hearts far yet near.

Your eyes sparkled as we danced that evening last,
In them I saw the natural fire of your soul.
Thence our love made us both iconoclasts
Both our families begging for our self-control.

But it was to no avail, we were simply meant to be,
Tied by the red string, red for fate, red for blood
Our tale inspired by the Romans Pyramus and Thisbe,
Our deadly love wrought calamity; yes, it was truly a dud. 

We had loved fiercely and we had fought hard to be one
But simple misunderstandings rendered our story done.

Kindergarten Curriculum Celebration!

The kindergarten students began an embryology unit.  During this unit, the children learned about animals that hatch and animals that are born alive and well.  They learned about chickens and chicks by reading a variety of non-fiction books and by observing the chicks once they hatched.  As part of our STEM project, we planned, designed and built “Super Coops” to house the chicks after the hatch.  We prepared a variety of activities including songs, poems and non-fiction chick books to share with our parents.  Parents were invited to come celebrate the culmination of this “egg” citing event!

Student Council Raises $3K for LLS

The Robbins Lane School Student Council held a fundraiser in January for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Every Wednesday in the month was designated “Spirit Day,” and for the first week students were invited to wear pajamas and bring in pennies for the patients. Students wore bright neon clothes and donated nickels on the second Wednesday, and put on crazy socks and deposited quarters in the school’s collection boxes the third week. For the finale, students wore team jerseys to show what great work they can do when everyone works together. On that day, dimes and dollars were brought to the classrooms. The total money raised by Robbins Lane during this campaign was $3,018.

On March 6, Kerianne Stein, a representative from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, came to Robbins Lane to speak with the Student Council and explain how the monies raised for LLS are used. Last year’s donations, dedicated for research, resulted in the development of 18 new medications to help patients to recover from these illnesses.

The Robbins Lane Student Council would like to thank the entire Robbins Lane community for helping to make this project such a huge success.


Baylis Peer Mediators Winter News

Baylis Peer Mediators Winter News Pic
Now that Winter is over (finally!), we can fill you in on what the Baylis Peer Mediators have been up to.  Over these past few months, Peer Mediators have continued to resolve conflicts if they arise at lunch and recess.  Our fourth and fifth grade volunteers have shown an excellent ability to interact positively with their peers and offer constructive solutions to problems. 

This Winter, we also commenced an exciting new program, Mediators as Mentors.  Each Peer Mediator was paired up with a Kindergarten or first grade student once per week to engage in mentoring during indoor recess.  Mediators quickly formed bonds with their mentees and all students involved began to look forward to their assigned meeting dates.  They used the indoor recess time to play board games or other interactive games designed to improve social skills such as turn taking, sharing, and good sportsmanship!

2017-2018 Snow Make-Up Days

Due to inclement weather, it is necessary to use all three snow make-up days published in the 2017-2018 school calendar, as well as add back an additional day of instruction.

The following dates are now designated as instructional days for all District students:

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Friday, May 25, 2018

The following date is now designated as an instructional day for elementary & middle school students, and as a rating day for Syosset High School - staff reports only: 

Friday, June 15, 2018 

We apologize for any impact this may have on family plans and appreciate your understanding.

Pi Day @ Baylis!

This year, Baylis took a digital approach to Pi Day.  Students in grades two through five participated in a "Pi Day Digital Breakout".  Breakout EDU, is the immersive learning games platform Dr. Kelly used to design age appropriate digital breakouts for Pi Day that turned our classrooms into an academically-focused escape rooms! Teachers were able to facilitate activities in which players used teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the digital locks to "breakout".  Fifth grade Project Beyond students used their leadership skills to support some second and third grade classes as they attempted to breakout!

Additionally, our first grade teachers created amazing Pi Day activities that focused on creativity and transformational thinking.  The students transformed circles and Pi shapes into characters and other creative ideas!

Baylis Celebrates Science!

Baylis PARP Pick a Reading Partner

The PTA organized a special week to celebrate reading at Baylis.  On Monday students experienced a Prismatic Magic Laser Light Show which got students excited about reading through giant laser images projected on a large screen.  The engaging and bright images showed students how to read using their mind to imagine places, characters and ideas.

On Tuesday at 2:45 all students and staff participated in D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read).  All around the school Baylis was hooked in a book reading wherever they were to show the importance of reading in our lives.

On Wednesday, the author David Schwartz presented to our students about his life as an author, his inspirations for writing and passion for math and science. David shared some of his books and the math equations that went into helping his write his stories. 

On Thursday, Baylis student alumni from Syosset High School came back to visit their former elementary school teachers.  Elementary students were happy to share in a read aloud from the alumni.  

Baylis Library Dedicated in Honor of Judy Jacobs

Judy Jacobs

Syosset School District officials joined local government officials, teachers and family members and friends of the late Nassau County Legislator and Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs for a ceremony to dedicate the Baylis Elementary School library as the “Judy Jacobs Library Media Center.”

Nassau County Executive Lauren Curran, Nassau County Legislators Arnold Drucker and Kevan Abrahams and New York State Assemblyman Charles Lavine all provided words of praise honoring Jacobs. Syosset Board of Education President Dr. Michael Cohen reflected on memorable conversations he had with her over the years. 

A video montage highlighting Jacobs’ many visits to Baylis School through the years was also presented during the ceremony. The video included testimony from Baylis teachers who spoke about their delight in welcoming Jacobs and the warmth and joy she brought when she entered their classrooms to speak with students. 

“She really interacted with the kids on such a personal level. She would teach the children all about voting and she would actually hold a pretend election with my class,” said Baylis teacher Linda Pizzarelli. “She truly was an amazing person.” 

Baylis Principal Lisa Greiner presided over the dedication and provided some remarks of her own along with members of Jacobs’ family. Third-, fourth- and fifth-grade vocalists performed a heartfelt rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and the string quartet and pianists entertained guests during a special breakfast held prior to the ceremony. 

Baylis Student Council officers were given the honor of unveiling a plaque to commemorate the dedication of the library. Engraved on the plaque were some very poignant words by teacher Forest E. Witcraft about the value of teaching by example, words that Jacobs admired:

“One hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

Special thanks to the Baylis Compact Committee, the Baylis PTA and the Baylis Music Department for their hard work in planning this memorable dedication.

To view the video tribute to Judy Jacobs, please click here

Syosset Park Development Updates

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Syosset Named a Best Community for Music for the 17th Time!

For the 17th time the Syosset School District has been named as one of the Best Communities for Music Education by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation. 

Syosset is one of 583 school districts in the nation to receive the distinction this year, which recognizes outstanding efforts by teachers, administrators, parents, students and community leaders who have made music education part of a well-rounded education. Designations are made to districts and schools that demonstrate an exceptionally high commitment and access to music education. There are approximately 14,000 public school districts in the U.S.

“This honor not only recognizes outstanding programming and musical accomplishments, but also the importance of community support,” said Syosset Coordinator of Fine and Performing Arts Michael Salzman. “I often say that Syosset is a community that demands nothing less than a high quality music education for all of its children. This is an award that every student, teacher, administrator and community member can take pride in, because they all play an important role in supporting music education in Syosset.”

Syosset has a K-12 sequential program in music education that has long been recognized as one of the best in the state and in the nation.  A 2002 Kennedy Center award acknowledged the outstanding support for music education from the community and the Board of Education. The District’s multiple Grammy Awards also serve as recognition of the extremely advanced level of performance given by its musical ensembles. 

The NAMM Foundation, assisted by the Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas, evaluates schools and districts based on their funding, highly qualified music teachers, commitment to high music standards, community support, and participation and access to music instruction. 


Facilities Planning Information

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VIDEO: South Woods as One

 South Woods as One photo

Friday, May 25, 2018