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Student Cards Salute Vets

Thank you to all of the students who made cards for our veterans. In your cards, you called the veterans your heroes. You are absolutely correct! Robbins Lane was able to share 300 cards with the men and women who are actively serving, or have previously served, in our armed forces. When I handed them your cards (during the annual Veteran’s Day parade) the look of gratitude and pride on their faces was absolutely heartwarming. Don’t forget to reach out to veterans throughout the year, sending them cards, letters, and gifts from the heart. I can deliver them! Your love and support means more to them than you may ever know.


Dr. da Silva

Letter from Board of Education to Acting Commissioner Ryder and District Attorney Singas


ACT Presents “I Never Saw Another Butterfly”

butterfly poster image
butterfly image 2
The Syosset High School Theater Arts Association for Creative Thespians is presenting “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” for three evenings in the Harvey P. Karp Auditorium at Syosset High School. The production is an adaptation of a published collection of works of art and poetry created by Jewish children who lived in the concentration camp Theresienstadt.

Please join the students for this special and very important production being held on:

Thursday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 17 at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m.

General admission is $7. A part of the proceeds will be donated to the Holocaust Museum and Tolerance Center of Nassau County. A student website has also been developed with additional information about the making of the production, including cast biographies and poem samples. To learn more please go to

Phase II Facilities Planning Information


Independent Auditor Notice - November 13, 2017


Operation Sweet Tooth Nets 10 Barrels

Operation Sweet Tooth Nets 10 Barrels photo
Operation Sweet Tooth Nets 10 Barrels photo 2

For more than 10 years, the students of Village Elementary School have been donating their leftover, unopened Halloween candy to numerous charitable organizations to benefit children who are less fortunate. Student council members helped to organize this year’s Operation Sweet Tooth event in the school gymnasium, sorting candy for distribution to local agencies that support children who are unable to enjoy the activities of Halloween due to life circumstance or illness.

Ten barrels were filled with the candy provided by the very generous Village children and their families, and they have since been distributed to organizations such as AHRC, Angela’s House and Mercy First. For the second consecutive year, primary grade students joined in the effort, working together to help sort candy with their upper-grade book buddies. Village students who were unable to participate in the sort, due to their own allergies or choice, made beautiful cards to accompany the treasure trove of candy.

As part of Operation Sweet Tooth, students participate in mathematical sorting, counting, grouping and graphing activities and estimate the amounts of candy collected. Special thanks to Eileen Hoffman and Wendy Tepper for organizing the activity and the Village School PTA’s Community Outreach committee for helping to distribute the candy.



Dollars for Denim in Support of Vets

Dollars for Denim in Support of Vets photo
Staff members at Village Elementary School honored the brave men and women who have served our country by taking part in the Veterans Day 2017 Jeans for Troops fundraising drive. 

The drive supports the GI GO Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps veterans returning home find employment and gain access to health care, financial benefits and housing, where necessary. Village School’s Dollars for Denim campaign gave teachers and staff the opportunity to wear jeans on Thursday, Nov. 9 in exchange for a $5 donation to the GI GO Fund. Pictured are Jennie Purpura, Courtney Kane and Michelle Potvin modeling their Village tie-dye shirts and denim jeans. Great job, Village!

Faces of Syosset

Faces of Syosset photo
Students enrolled in Chrysoula Highland’s Photo 2 and Photo 3 classes at Syosset High School have collaborated on a special collection of photos that show the school’s diversity of race, religion and personality. 

The Faces of Syosset, a mural currently comprised of 150 photos of students and staff taken throughout the school, is now prominently on display in the main lobby area. The photos were taken by photography students in these classes, inspired by the Humans of New York photo blog and book that features street portraits and interviews collected on the streets of New York City by creator Brandon Stanton.

“The whole idea was to show how much unity there is in our school,” said Highland, who originally proposed the project as an extra credit assignment. “I wanted my students to stop…look around and look at the people who are in our building every day.” Highland’s students took to the idea right away and have been making connections to others they didn’t know before. “It’s really been bringing people together!” she added.

The project has created a buzz among students. Many are taking notice of their photos and striking up conversations with classmates. New friends have been made, social networks have grown and the photographers have an additional platform to share their creativity. 

Candids, fun poses and causal headshots provide a variety of insights into the Faces of Syosset. More photos are being added and a few light questions and answers are also accompanying some of the newer photo additions to provide even greater insight into the students on display. There are also plans to invite Stanton to the school to see the mural and hopefully speak with students about his own inspiration that helped to launch this wonderful display of diversity and unity in Syosset.     

Highland and Syosset High School Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante are pictured congratulating some of the contributing photographers on their work. 

Baylis Sleuths Solve the Case

Baylis sleuths worked with enrichment specialist Dr. Kelly as they set out on a Halloween hunt to solve the “Case of the Missing Pumpkin.” Students implemented mystery reading strategies as they read story lines and notes to unravel clues. They also used scientific knowledge to read fingerprints and analyze footprints. The young detectives posted their predictions using Padlet, then wrote about their deductions with illustrations using Seesaw. The outcome was a successfully solved case as this crosscutting Halloween adventure proved to be great fun for the Baylis third-graders and their teachers.


Choosing Kindness

Choosing Kindness photo
Choosing Kindness photo 2
During a recent schoolwide PRIDE assembly at Berry Hill Elementary School, Principal Mary Kolkhorst unveiled a new inspirational book that has been awarded to every class in the school to help remind students that no matter how a person appears on the outside, it’s what’s inside that matters most.

Every student at the school will have the opportunity to share in reading “We’re All Wonders,” the story of a young boy who, after undergoing numerous surgeries to address a facial abnormality, enrolls in public school where he’s subjected to name-calling due to his appearance. Young readers of the book learn that the main character is an engaging, smart, funny, kind and brave young boy, and they quickly develop compassion and respect for him while being reminded how important it is to be kind. Principal Kolkhorst read the book to students during the assembly before announcing that each class would receive its own copy.

Additionally, every Berry Hill student signed a pledge to be kind to others. Every student also received a “PRIDE Warrior” shirt to wear during the school’s regularly scheduled PRIDE assemblies. The Syosset School District’s character education initiative PRIDE teaches students the importance of demonstrating patience, respect, integrity, dignity and empathy on a daily basis. The assembly and signing were held in conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month

A special thanks to the Berry Hill PTA, which donated the books and the shirts!

Taking One on the Chin for Relief

Taking One on the Chin for Relief photo
Taking One on the Chin for Relief photo 2
Harry B. Thompson Middle School held a fundraiser in which students voted for which teacher they would like to “pie.”  Phil Kaiser was the winning teacher and received a pie in the face in front of students in the cafeteria. Also pictured taking a pie is Mr. Malanowski.

Pledging to Learn

At A.P. Willits Elementary School, first-graders taught kindergartners how to stand, where to look, and how to correctly and clearly recite the Pledge of Allegiance. They also touched on why children stand and recite the pledge each day. To culminate the lesson, students worked in partnerships on their Chromebooks illustrating what a person should look like as they say the pledge, labeled an important new vocabulary word, and recorded themselves saying the pledge.

Students Get Out and Play

Kindergarteners at Walt Whitman Elementary School recently celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day, a global campaign to get children outdoors to play and learn at school and as part of their everyday lives. Whitman students enjoyed an outdoor scavenger hunt, held a picnic, read books and more, all outside. An estimated two million students around the world participated in the event.

The National Circus Project comes to Baylis!

Happy Halloween from Baylis

Baylis Knows Pumpkins, Inside and Out

Fourth-grade students at Baylis School culminated their unit on plant growth and development by carving their own pumpkins, with their parents on hand as special guests. Students measured the height of their pumpkins, weighed their pumpkins and measured the circumference of their pumpkins before diving in to carve them. They also estimated how many pumpkin seeds were inside each pumpkin. Some of the children brought their pumpkin seeds home with them to roast, while others plan to plant their seeds in hopes of growing a new pumpkin.

Students demonstrated math and science knowledge, while also showing creativity in designing and carving their pumpkins, all while having a great time!


Spooky Creations

Spooky Creations photo
Spooky Creations photo 2
Spooky Creations photo 3
Just in time for Halloween, pumpkin carving artist Pat McQuade met with students enrolled in Advanced Ceramics and Sculpture, Ceramics and Sculpture and Studio in Art: 3-D Design Portfolio at Syosset High School to help each of them create a special pumpkin sculpture of their own. Pictured are students in Pete Haughwaut’s Advanced Ceramics and Sculpture class showing off their work. The visit was arraned by art teacher Amanda O’Rourke.

Three to Perform at All-National Music Festival

Three to Perform at All-National Music Festival photo
Three Syosset High School student-musicians have been invited to perform at the 2017 National Association for Music Education All-National Honor Ensembles concerts to be held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Nov. 28-29. 

Grace Mittleman and Eric Schess have been invited to perform with the NAfME All-National Honors Choir, while Hannah Son was selected to play the flute in the All-National Honors Symphony Orchestra. During the 2016-17 school year, talented music students across the United States and overseas in military-base schools practiced diligently to gain a chair or part in their local, district and state music honor ensembles. Of those most elite high school musicians, 608 were considered to be the “best of the best” and were selected for the NAfME festival by audition. All-National Honor Ensembles consist of a concert band, symphony orchestra, mixed choir and jazz ensemble.

Selected students will be rehearsing a challenging repertoire in preparation for performing under some of the most prominent conductors in the United States. Grace and Eric will perform under the direction of Dr. Z. Randall Stroope, while Hannah will follow the lead of Dr. Margery Deutsch. Dr. Stroope is the professor of music and director of choral/vocal studies at Oklahoma State University, while Dr. Deutsch served for nearly 30 years as director of orchestras and professor of conducting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“This is the highest recognition that a student-musician can receive for participating in a school music program,” said Syosset Coordinator of Fine and Performing Arts, K-12 Michael Salzman. “Having three students from one high school invited to perform on this national stage is a great honor. Congratulations to Grace, Eric and Hannah, all of the music teachers they have had through the years, the parents who continue to support their pursuit of music education, and our Board of Education, administration and community for their ongoing commitment to the performing arts.”

Grace, Eric and Hannah are congratulated here by Syosset High School Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante, Salzman and band teacher Larry Ballereau. Missing from the photo is choral teacher Kristin Howell.

Pick A Reading Partner

As part of our Pick a Reading Partner program this year, the PTA arranged for author Dan Gutman to come to South Grove for a day. On Friday, October 20th, Dan Gutman was able to come and do assemblies, read alouds, sign books, and spend time with a small group of students for lunch.

South Grove held assemblies for grades 1 & 2 and then 3, 4, & 5 during which Mr. Gutman discussed several of his popular kid series such as My Weird School, Baseball Card Adventures, Flashback Four, and The Genius Files. Mr. Gutman talked with our students about the writing process and how to get started on writing their stories. He also talked to them about it being okay to not be huge fans of reading yet, and that once they find a book that really sparks their interest the love of reading will follow. He also spent time with each Kindergarten class reading aloud from two of his Rappy the Raptor picture books. Rappy the Raptor features a young ‘rapping’ velociraptor who speaks predominantly in rhymes. Our Kindergartners were able to anticipate the upcoming rhymes to read the story along with Mr. Gutman. 

In the weeks leading up to Mr. Gutman’s visit, South Grove held a Dan Gutman poster contest and picked 12 students at random who were able to sit and have lunch with him during his visit. The students, a mix of boys and girls from across all six grades, enjoyed their lunch in the library with Mr. Gutman and asked him different questions ranging from what his favorite books are, where he gets his ideas from, and what he does when he’s not writing. At the end of his visit, Mr. Gutman was able to sign and personalize books to those students whose parents had ordered them from the PTA. Nearly 100 books were ordered and signed for South Grove students and were distributed the following week to them. 

We are so grateful that the PTA was able to get such a wonderful and well-known author to come in to speak to and inspire our students. Many students expressed their excitement leading up to Mr. Gutman’s visit and their increased interest in his stories after hearing from him.

The October Board Briefs are now available


Diwali Brown Bag

South Grove was honored to host a Brown Bag about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. Several of our very own South Grove moms facilitated this information and crafts Brown Bag. Over 60 students in grades 2 through five opted to participate during their recess time, in lieu of their usual activities. Students briefly heard about the cultural significance of this holiday and then had an opportunity to do a craft. Students enjoyed coloring and applying glitter, while traditional Indian music played in the background. A special thank you to our wonderful parent community, and we welcome your ideas for Brown Bags to enrich all students.

South Grove’s Brown Bag Program offers a variety of optional recess-time experiences throughout the year as part of its Schoolwide Enrichment Program.  


Reading for Relief

On Friday, October 13th, Baylis School participated in a read-a-thon to raise money for the American Red Cross hurricane relief efforts. Students dressed in their favorite pajamas, brought a stuffed animal from home and made themselves comfortable as they read from 2:45pm-3:15pm.  The Baylis school community was very generous, raising $2,478 for hurricane relief. Way to go Baylis!


Siemens Semifinalists

Siemens Semifinalists photo
From left, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom Rogers and Deputy Superintendent Adele Bovard congratulate Rahul and Jarrad, along with Ms. Ade and Syosset High School Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante.
Siemens Semifinalists photo 2
Congratulations to Syosset High School seniors Jarrad Li and Rahul Parthasarathy for being named 2017 semifinalists in the Siemens Foundation Competition for Math, Science & Technology, the nation’s premier science research contest for high school students. Additional congratulations to Rahul, who advanced to the regional finalist round, one of only 11 from Long Island to reach this level.

Jarrad conducted research on safe, alternative energy at Stony Brook University, teaming with two other students from nearby high schools. They set out to eliminate carbon monoxide poisoning in proton exchange efficiency fuel cells, which drastically decreases the cell efficiency and durability of this otherwise burgeoning source of renewable energy. By synthesizing the optimal ratio of gold-silver alloy nanoparticles and coating the fuel cells with these nanoparticles, Jarrad and his team effectively catalyzed carbon monoxide oxidation and increased fuel cell power output. The end result was making the fuel cells more cost efficient and commercially viable as a source of alternative energy.

According to Jarrad, he gained a great deal of satisfaction from this project, as it allowed him to combine his knowledge of material science and chemical engineering.  

Rahul worked independently at Brookhaven National Laboratory to identify crystals formed from a compound of cadmium, zinc and tellurium that are most ideal for use as radiation detectors. One common problem affecting the widespread use of these detectors is that crystals are prone to defects when grown. By analyzing the properties of cadmium, zinc and tellurium that affect detector performance – including testing 54 crystals – Rahul was able to compare their strengths and weaknesses and characterize and identify those crystals most ideal for use in detectors. This makes detectors more affordable and accessible, opening up a wide range of applications, including in nuclear medicine to help to monitor a patient’s exposure while undergoing treatment, and in national security, by enabling first responders to assess the threat of radiation. Astrophysics is another area in which the detectors can be used prominently. 

Much like Jarrad, Rahul said he enjoyed his project because he was able to overlap two areas of great interest to him as well, medicine and physics
“Rahul and Jarrad are both determined and dedicated young scientists,” said Syosset High School science research facilitator Veronica Ade, who oversees the school’s participation in the Siemens competition. “They both followed their scientific passions to laboratories which could foster their talents and were able to use those experiences to enter the 2017 Siemens competition.”
Every year, students submit innovative individual and team research projects to regional and national levels of the Siemens competition as they vie for college scholarships ranging from $1,000 up to $100,000.

This year out of the more than 1,860 projects submitted, 491 students have been recognized as semifinalists and only 101 as regional finalists. Next up, on Nov. 18 Rahul will present his research via videoconference to judges at Carnegie Mellon University. On the line is a seat at the national finals at The George Washington University this December, where $500,000 in scholarships will be awarded, including two top prizes of $100,000. The Syosset Central School District wishes Rahul the best of luck as he moves on in the competition!


Robbins Lane Raises for Relief

Robbins Lane Raises for Relief
Upon returning to school in September, Robbins Lane Elementary School Student Council representatives from the 2016-17 school year got right down to business to help those who were hit hard by Hurricanes Harvey in Houston and Irma in Florida. The group immediately began fundraising for the American Red Cross and is proud to announce that they raised over $2,000 for these hurricane relief efforts. 

Thank you to the Robbins Lane community for demonstrating enormous generosity! The school looks forward to supporting our neighbors in Puerto Rico in the very near future.  

Robbins Lane enrichment teacher Robin Kleinman (pictured left) and members of the Robbins Lane Student Council award a big check to Senior Philanthropy Officer, American Red Cross, LI chapter Dawn Neilson.

Celebrating Diwali

Celebrating Diwali photo
Village Elementary School students recently learned about Diwali. The school lobby, hallways and cafeteria were colorfully decorated and students also learned about the cultural significance of Diwali, a religious celebration associated with Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Also known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.

Last year, the Syosset Board of Education recognized Diwali as an official school holiday, making Syosset the first school district on Long Island to close its doors in observance of the holiday. School will be closed on Thursday October 19 for Diwali.

Second-Graders Stand Tall at Rec Night

The Robbins Lane PTA recently hosted its second-grade Rec Night.

Students participated in various relay races and activities, including basketball, hockey, “giant egg” (i.e., soccer ball) in a giant spoon (i.e., lacrosse stick), and go-cart races, to name a few.  The highlight of the evening was the all-important tug-of-war with the children battling against their parents. This year's second-grade class walked away with bragging rights, easily defeating their parents. Two fathers co-chaired the event with the help of parent volunteers. It was a huge success and an overall great start to the school year!

Throughout the school year, the Robbins Lane PTA hosts a Rec Night for each grade in which children from a dedicated grade are invited to the gym for an evening of physical activity and family fun.


Happy Homecoming

Happy Homecoming photo

Syosset High School celebrated homecoming/Spirit Week in grand fashion, as six days of school spirit, thoughtfulness and Syosset PRIDE – patience, respect, integrity, dignity and empathy – culminated with a weekend highlighted by a fun-filled family carnival and a victory on the football field.

The annual Student Government Carnival raised money and awareness for numerous student clubs. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds raised during the three-day weekend event was donated to hurricane relief efforts. The week kicked off with the annual student and staff walkathon at Syosset High School, which raised money for the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County.

Students also participated in and helped run the annual Health Fair held in the Syosset High School gymnasium. Numerous stations were set up to inform the entire student body and faculty about healthy eating, fitness, and smart decision-making, among other valuable lessons.

Later in the week, students were encouraged to don school colors and other Syosset wear to show their support for the school community and its athletic teams and student-based organizations. The school week ended with the annual pep rally to cheer the fall athletic teams. The event served as the appetizer for Saturday’s varsity football game vs. East Meadow.

On the gridiron, the hometown Braves built a 27-7 halftime lead on the strength of three Alex Berland touchdown passes and a fumble return by the defense. Alex finished the day with 229 yards passing and four touchdown passes overall. Thomas Dolciotta, who ran for 46 yards, scored two of the Syosset touchdowns, one on a pass from Alex and another on the ground. The Braves defense held off a second-half East Meadow scoring surge for a 39-28 victory. 

The Syosset High School band, cheerleaders and kick line dancers entertained the audience and provided support for the home team throughout the game, with the latter two groups providing special halftime performances. The Syosset PTSA ran the concession barn, with proceeds benefitting student programs districtwide.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Syosset teams, the student organizations and their efforts to help others.

A Walk for Unity

A Walk for Unity photo

Syosset High School kicked off Spirit Week 2017 with its annual walkathon on the campus grounds. The entire student body, teachers and school staff walked in unison to raise money and awareness for tolerance education. Proceeds from the walk were donated to the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County in Glen Cove. Every year the center welcomes more than 38,000 visitors to its exhibits as well as participants of its educational programs.

Syosset High School students and staff have also been raising funds for hurricane relief efforts, including a bowlathon sponsored by the Interact Club. The school’s Awareness Club and GSA are also conducting fundraisers and different club booths at this weekend’s Student Government Carnival will also donate a portion of their proceeds to hurricane relief. 

In addition to the walkathon and carnival, other highlights of Spirit Week include a health fair, pep rally and the annual Homecoming game, scheduled for 1:30 pm this Saturday.

All-State Musicians

All-State Musicians photo
Syosset School District Coordinator of Fine and Performing Arts, K-12, Michael Salzman recently had the opportunity to meet with Syosset High School student-musicians, who have been selected to participate in this year’s New York State School Music Association Winter Conference. This year, 34 students will participate in the All-State festival, either as active members of ensembles or as alternates, including some who were selected for multiple instruments. 

Syosset High School regularly receives a high number of NYSSMA Winter Conference selections. This year’s particpants are seen here, being congratulated by Salzman and Syosset Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante (pictured at far left, middle and front row, respectively) and orchestra teacher Stephanie Merten and band teacher Larry Larry Ballereau. Missing from the photo is choral teacher Kristin Howell.

Congratulations to Syosset High School’s 2017 NYSSMA All-State Musicians: Sami Ahn, Matthew Ardizzone, Stephanie Benedictus, Gabrielle Bieder, Sydney Chen, Josephine Chuang, Sean Han, Allison Hsu, Susanna Hur, Maxwell Izakson, Brandon Ji, Jihoon Jun, Paige Kahn, Joseph Kim, Anthony LaBarca, Thomas Lam, Hannah Lee, Subin Lee, Justin Lee, Annie Lin, Kalena Liu, Nicholas Massimo, Gabriela Mataras, Ashkan Moghaddassi, Aileen Park, Jake Quadrino, Harrison Rubin, Madison Schatz, Albert Shabaev, Brandon Sung, Callista Tse, Derek Warshauer, Emily Wong and Charles, Zandieh.

A Guide to Navigating Our Districts Academic Online Resources


Together for Peace

Together for Peace photo

Baylis Elementary School recently celebrated International Day of Peace, a day established by the United Nations to promote global unity in conjunction with the U.N. General Assembly.

This year’s theme is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.”  In recognition of the day, Barbara Conover’s third-graders were invited to write poems expressing their thoughts and create posters that demonstrate what peace means to them. 

Through their social studies curriculum, students explore “Communities Around the World,” embracing and gaining an understanding and respect for other cultures. As a result, Baylis students began the school year enjoying togetherness and a smile. 


All Hands On Deck: South Grove Celebrates Constitution Day In A Special Way

To jump start the school year in a exciting way, South Grove infused their annual celebration of Constitution Day with many enriching and engaging activities. While the focus was on second grade as part of their civics social studies unit, the entire school played a role. This year the project incorporated the talents of many special area teachers, as part of Syosset School District’s cross-cutting initiative. This initiative seeks to integrate concepts or “big ideas” across the curriculum in order to make learning more meaningful and relevant for students. Here are the highlights of our two-week Constitution Day program:

Second graders participated in a lesson by the enrichment specialist about the United States Constitution and wrote their own personal “constitution” that highlighted their values. This personal reflection was a powerful way to begin the school year. 

Music teachers pushed into the second grade classrooms during social studies to teach second graders the Preamble to the Constitution in song. Students loved this musical touch to their social studies curriculum and seeing their music teachers in this new light.

South Grove also hosted its eighth annual Preamble Challenge. Students in grades 2 - 5 were encouraged to memorize the Preamble to the United States Constitution. Over 30 students were successful reciting the Preamble from memory. 

All interested students in grades 2 through 5 had an opportunity to participate in a Brown Bag during recess to learn about the judicial system from Judge Gina Summa. Over 60 students elected to participate in this informative and interesting presentation in lieu of their usual recess activities. Students enjoyed meeting this acting judge (and parent of a fourth grader) and were fascinated by her artifacts (the gavel was their favorite!).

On September 18th the entire South Grove School came together for a special assembly. We kicked off our character education program and the 2017-2018 Student Council Class representatives and officers were formally installed with the help of the Color Guard, Student Council Advisors, Principal An, and Judge Summa. We also had an extra special guest: Grover! 

For many second graders the grand finale of this two-week initiative was when they “aged” their personal “constitutions” by rubbing them with wet tea bags. This was a fun (and messy) activity that involved many big hands to help the little hands. Teachers from the music, art, world language, and physical education department all pitched in to to ensure that all students were successful.

All hands in made for an exciting program for students. 

Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All

Dignity for All Pic
Dignity for All Pic 2
Dignity for All Pic 3
Dignity for All Pic 4
Dignity for All Pic 5
Dignity for All Pic 6
On September 21st, Baylis School celebrated Peace Day, which was created by the United Nations in 1982. This year’s theme honors the spirit of TOGETHERNESS, a global initiative that promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone. In recognition of this day, Mrs. Conover’s third graders were invited to write poems expressing their thoughts and create posters that demonstrate what peace means to them. 

As part of their social studies curricula, students explore “Communities Around the World,” embracing and gaining an understanding and respect for other cultures. As a result, Baylis students began the school year enjoying togetherness and a smile. 

National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists Named

National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists Named photo
National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists Named photo 2
Eight Semifinalists, 44 Commended Students Recognized

Eight Syosset High School seniors have been named semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Congratulations to Nishant Bhaumik, Melinda Blumenstock, Mathew Chvasta, Bradley Greenberg, Nikhil Jhaveri, Grace Kim, Simar Kohli and Wanlin Li. 

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation awarded this distinction to approximately 16,000 high school students nationwide. The semifinalists have qualified to compete for approximately 7,500 available National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million. Finalists will be announced in February 2018, with the winners to be named in the spring. 

Semifinalists qualified by scoring among the highest in the state on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test last year, including the top 1 percent nationally. 

Additionally, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation named 44 Syosset High School seniors Commended Students in the program. These students are among 34,000 high scorers on the PSAT/NMSQT based on a national selection index and will receive Letters of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Syosset High School Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante (far left) and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom Rogers (far right) are pictured congratulating the high school’s semifinalists. The students were also honored at the September Board of Education meeting. (also pictured).

Phase II Facilities Planning Information - NEW

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Phase II Construction Projects Presentation - November 2017

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Phase II Public Input and Reactions

Baylis Knows Pumpkins, Inside and Out

Baylis Knows Pumpkins, Inside and Out photo
Baylis Knows Pumpkins, Inside and Out photo 2
Baylis Knows Pumpkins, Inside and Out photo 3
Fourth-grade students at Baylis School culminated their unit on plant growth and development by carving their own pumpkins, with their parents on hand as special guests. Students measured the height of their pumpkins, weighed their pumpkins and measured the circumference of their pumpkins before diving in to carve them. They also estimated how many pumpkin seeds were inside each pumpkin. Some of the children brought their pumpkin seeds home with them to roast, while others plan to plant their seeds in hopes of growing a new pumpkin.

Students demonstrated math and science knowledge, while also showing creativity in designing and carving their pumpkins, all while having a great time!

Video: All Hands on Deck for Constitution Day

constitution day photo

South Woods Again Shows It CARES

South Woods Again Shows It CARES photo
South Woods Again Shows It CARES photo 2
South Woods Again Shows It CARES photo 3
South Woods Again Shows It CARES photo 4
South Woods Middle School Student Council members recently welcomed FDNY firefighters Christopher Berke and Giovanni Martinez, who stopped by the school to pick up hurricane relief supplies collected by the students during a recent drive. The supplies are being donated to the New York City Mayor’s Fund in support of those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in Houston, Florida, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, respectively.    

Sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders at South Woods were each given an assignment by the school’s student council during the supply drive. Sixth-graders were asked to bring in baby supplies, while seventh- and eighth-graders collected first aid supplies and batteries, respectively.

Once again, South Woods students and staff rose to the occasion and remained true to the school’s ongoing pledge to help others in need through its South Woods CARES initiative of showing compassion, awareness, respect, empathy and service.
Sunday, November 19, 2017