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Principal's Message

Dear Berry Hill Families:

It my pleasure to enthusiastically welcome you back to school as your new Principal! We are excited to reopen our doors and welcome you all to another amazing year at Berry Hill. I extend a very special welcome to our new families. We know that in a short time you will come to know and love our unique school community.

You may notice some changes as over the summer, we have been very busy getting ready for the upcoming school year and have planned a very full academic calendar. Our new Head Custodian, Mr. James O’Malley and his custodial staff have been working tirelessly to prepare the building for the upcoming school year. Our sparkling corridors anxiously await the sounds of thinking, learning and caring that will soon, once again breathe life into Berry Hill. This summer our teachers have been busy revising curriculum and working with 21st century technology to plan rich, meaningful learning activities for our students.

This year our World Language program will include, Russian in kindergarten, Chinese in first grade, French in grades two, three and four and Latin in grade five. We have several new staff members and I know you will join me in welcoming our new teachers into the wonderful Berry Hill family.

Please know that my door is always open for you, and our commitment to creating memorable, interesting and enriching experiences for our students will continue. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. I look forward to a successful year.

Very truly yours,

Mary Kolkhorst

Tuesday, January 22, 2019