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About Harry B. Thompson MS

Contact Information

Principal:  Kevin Bonanno
Assistant Principals:  Alan Chipetine and Jemal Graham
Administrative Assistant:  Christian Harrigan

Dignity Act Coordinators:  Allison Mills-Carroll, James McAleer

Main Office:  516-364-5760
Guidance Office:  516-364-5767
Attendance Office:  516-364-5771
Nurse's Office:   516-364-5765
Dignity Act Coordinators:  516-364-5767


Mission Statement

The Harry B. Thompson Middle School philosophy recognizes that middle level students are unique individuals who are facing continual emotional, physical, intellectual, and social changes throughout their emerging adolescence. Therefore, we are committed to providing programs that will foster individual growth, enhance emotional well-being, strengthen morals and values, and stimulate intellectual and social development.

Sunday, December 09, 2018