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Transportation Procedures





Morning Arrival

When entering in the morning, please drop passengers off at the main entrance in the lane closest to the school. Passengers should not have to cross the traffic lane. Please do not use the west side or rear of the building, as these are for buses only and the doors are locked after arrival. Dropping students off on the west side frequently involves cars double parking and making u-turns, which presents safety hazards to pedestrians and creates bus delays.

Afternoon Dismissal

Due to the fact that all buses are picking up students at the same time during dismissal, additional curb space around the building is necessary for bus parking. Therefore, only buses are permitted inside the front circle, along the west side, and at the rear of the building. Cars waiting to pick up students have two options: cars can wait along the east side curb section between the entrance and exit for the front traffic circle and parents can pull up to the curb or enter the front circle after the buses depart, or park in the last section of the west parking lot.

Parking Sign

Thursday, February 21, 2019