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580 Woodbury RoadJ. Irving Baylis Elementary Building Photo
Plainview, NY 11803

Phone: (516) 364-5798

Principal: Lisa M. Greiner




  Welcome Back to Baylis!


Playground Closure Parent Letter

    Latest News

    Baylis Sleuths Solve the Case

    Baylis sleuths worked with enrichment specialist Dr. Kelly as they set out on a Halloween hunt to solve the “Case of the Missing Pumpkin.” Students implemented mystery reading strategies as they read story lines and notes to unravel clues. They also used scientific knowledge to read fingerprints and analyze footprints. The young detectives posted their predictions using Padlet, then wrote about their deductions with illustrations using Seesaw. The outcome was a successfully solved case as this crosscutting Halloween adventure proved to be great fun for the Baylis third-graders and their teachers.


    The National Circus Project comes to Baylis!

    Baylis Knows Pumpkins, Inside and Out

    Fourth-grade students at Baylis School culminated their unit on plant growth and development by carving their own pumpkins, with their parents on hand as special guests. Students measured the height of their pumpkins, weighed their pumpkins and measured the circumference of their pumpkins before diving in to carve them. They also estimated how many pumpkin seeds were inside each pumpkin. Some of the children brought their pumpkin seeds home with them to roast, while others plan to plant their seeds in hopes of growing a new pumpkin.

    Students demonstrated math and science knowledge, while also showing creativity in designing and carving their pumpkins, all while having a great time!


    Happy Halloween from Baylis

    Reading for Relief

    On Friday, October 13th, Baylis School participated in a read-a-thon to raise money for the American Red Cross hurricane relief efforts. Students dressed in their favorite pajamas, brought a stuffed animal from home and made themselves comfortable as they read from 2:45pm-3:15pm.  The Baylis school community was very generous, raising $2,478 for hurricane relief. Way to go Baylis!

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    Sunday, November 19, 2017