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Autism Speaks at Baylis!

Baylis has been lighting it up Blue for World Autism Awareness Month.  In addition to wearing blue on April 16th, students and teachers have been purchasing puzzle pieces for $1 to benefit the group, Autism Speaks-Long Island.  We have raised almost $300.  Way to go Baylis!


Kindergarten Curriculum Celebration!

The kindergarten students began an embryology unit.  During this unit, the children learned about animals that hatch and animals that are born alive and well.  They learned about chickens and chicks by reading a variety of non-fiction books and by observing the chicks once they hatched.  As part of our STEM project, we planned, designed and built “Super Coops” to house the chicks after the hatch.  We prepared a variety of activities including songs, poems and non-fiction chick books to share with our parents.  Parents were invited to come celebrate the culmination of this “egg” citing event!

Baylis Peer Mediators Winter News

Baylis Peer Mediators Winter News Pic
Now that Winter is over (finally!), we can fill you in on what the Baylis Peer Mediators have been up to.  Over these past few months, Peer Mediators have continued to resolve conflicts if they arise at lunch and recess.  Our fourth and fifth grade volunteers have shown an excellent ability to interact positively with their peers and offer constructive solutions to problems. 

This Winter, we also commenced an exciting new program, Mediators as Mentors.  Each Peer Mediator was paired up with a Kindergarten or first grade student once per week to engage in mentoring during indoor recess.  Mediators quickly formed bonds with their mentees and all students involved began to look forward to their assigned meeting dates.  They used the indoor recess time to play board games or other interactive games designed to improve social skills such as turn taking, sharing, and good sportsmanship!

Pi Day @ Baylis!

This year, Baylis took a digital approach to Pi Day.  Students in grades two through five participated in a "Pi Day Digital Breakout".  Breakout EDU, is the immersive learning games platform Dr. Kelly used to design age appropriate digital breakouts for Pi Day that turned our classrooms into an academically-focused escape rooms! Teachers were able to facilitate activities in which players used teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the digital locks to "breakout".  Fifth grade Project Beyond students used their leadership skills to support some second and third grade classes as they attempted to breakout!

Additionally, our first grade teachers created amazing Pi Day activities that focused on creativity and transformational thinking.  The students transformed circles and Pi shapes into characters and other creative ideas!

Baylis Celebrates Science!

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