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Elementary Students Move Up to the Middle

Elementary Students Move Up to the Middle 	photo

Fifth-graders in the Syosset School District looked ahead to the next step in their K-12 careers and a new home as all seven District elementary schools conducted moving up exercises to celebrate the culmination of their students’ elementary education, as well as their advancement to the middle school. One thing was perfectly clear: Whether attending H.B. Thompson or South Woods, they will all arrive well prepared for the challenges of the future.

During their respective promotion ceremonies, fifth-graders at each elementary school were honored with multiple awards, from academic awards to recognitions for their participation in Student Council, NYSSMA, the Nassau All-County Artist program and the character education program PRIDE. 

Principals and teachers presented each student with a certificate to recognize their promotion from elementary to middle school. Some recalled this group’s days as kindergartners, while others provided helpful suggestions for the future, such as make new friends and make the most of the increased programs available to them. Most importantly, they all conveyed confidence in their students’ abilities to succeed and become caring, constructive members of society.

Congratulations to all of the fifth-graders!

Interests Come Alive at South Grove

Interests Come Alive at South Grove

Kindergartners and first-graders at South Grove School in Syosset recently enjoyed 17 different hands-on workshops through the Interests Alive! enrichment cluster program. Through the program, interest-based clusters are formed and students can participate in hands-on workshops directly related to their specific interests while developing key academic and social skills.

Prior to conducting Interests Alive! workshops, children were asked to select seven clusters that interested them the most and were placed in one of their top choices. A member of the kindergarten and/or first-grade instructional team led each cluster.  Nearly every space of the building was buzzing as students participated in differentiated learning experiences.  Students had the option to participate in a dance company or showcase their talents through “South Grove Idol.” Some exhibited their craftiness through crochet or shell art, or by building wooden frames, dream catchers, mandalas or Lego structures. Painting and photography were other artistic outlets available through the workshops. Some students honed their entrepreneurial skills while focusing on nutrition by joining the “Healthy Snack Corporation.” There was also a yoga workshop and a nursing team for the school’s aspiring nurses and doctors. 

“While this type of programming emanates from the field of gifted education, we are proud to offer it to all of our students as part of our schoolwide enrichment program,” said South Grove enrichment teacher Michele Webb. “Now approaching its 20th year, Interests Alive! reflects Syosset School District’s dedication to ensuring high learning standards and meaningful opportunities for all ages.”

Artist Honored for ‘Magnificent’ Work

Artist Honored for ‘Magnificent’ Work photo
Artist Honored for ‘Magnificent’ Work photo 2
Congratulations to South Grove Elementary School fifth-grade student Kate Lin for winning first place in the American Society for Microbiology’s Annual Agar Art Kids Contest. The contest is open to kids 12 and younger who participated in public Agar Art workshops hosted by one of ASM’s 10 community lab partners. Kate designed her winning entry, “The Magnificent Butterfly,” at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center.

ASM submissions of artwork are created using living, growing microbes ‘painted’ on agar, a gelatin-like substance that serves as food for the microorganisms. The is not the first time Kate has been recognized for her talent as an artist. As a second grader, she won an illustration contest and had her work featured in a book that was part of the popular Katie Woo book series. 

Kate is pictured alongside a framed picture of her Katie Woo illustration. “The Magnificent Butterfly” is pictured in the alternate photo.

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